Art at Trevarrick House

Following long careers in the animation industry in central London, our move to Somerset was intended to give the time and space to re-establish our artistic pursuits in sculpture and painting.

The first requirement was a studio and that led to an extensive reconstruction of an old vinehouse and greenhouse site adjacent to the large crumbling front wall of our property.

The project has taken three years and the resulting studio/workshop, greenhouse and courtyard are now functioning spaces for work and display.

Kim Varley

Kim studied at Portsmouth College of Art for four years and then followed a career in Animation.

Kim now works with Lino printing to create local views and seasonal greetings cards. She also undertakes commissions for pet portraits and landscapes in oils or watercolour.

Duncan Varley

Duncan studied fine art at Harrow College and Kingston University, where he graduated in sculpture in 1982. After a career in animation he is now focusing again on figurative sculpture.

Duncan creates pieces in both wood and stone, preferring the direct process of carving to that of modelling and casting. In recent years he has been invited to exhibit at Delamore Arts, a large sculpture event near Ivybridge in Devon, and has enjoyed several significant sales from the event.


For further information about buying or commissioning artworks by either Duncan Varley or Kim Varley, please contact us.

Cherrywood carving
By Duncan Varley
|dq|Bill's Bench|dq|
Lino cut by Kim Varley
Bronze casting
By Duncan Varley
Portrait by Kim Varley
|dq|Bobbed Girl|dq|
By Duncan Varley
Portrait by Kim Varley
Reclining statue
By Duncan Varley
View of North Curry Church
Lino cut by Kim Varley
Portrait by Kim Varley

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